The Deanery Project: Seed2Soup

Are you loving our incredible Nova Scotia summer this year? I've come to realize our summers are amazing already, but this summer has been the best of all; especially when it comes to harvesting vegetables from our garden.

We most recently took part in helping out The Deanery Project and their Seed2Soup initiative this Fall. As we all know, Food Scarcity is heightening in communities across the world, but it also hits close to home in the Musquodoboit community in Nova Scotia. 

What does being part of The Seed to Soup initiative mean? It means that we take fresh vegetables and make it into delicious soup! Once we have harvested enough vegetables for the “Seed2Soup” imitative, we will set a day for cooking up big batches, portioning and freezing. When we make the soups they will be portioned and donated to a food bank or family in need.

But we certainly can’t do this ourselves! That’s where we’d love your help! Although our Food Intuition garden is thriving with Zucchinis, Tomatoes and beautiful fresh herbs right now, we are always in need for more!

There are multiple groups participating in helping to collect/make/distribute the soups for the “Seed2Soup” initiative! Be sure to click here to find out more!

We kindly ask that if you have an abundance of vegetables that you know will end up in your compost bin, or fed to your fussy-veggie toddlers who you know just won't be a fan, we will gladly take them off your hands!  We can arrange for a pick-up of drop off; whatever is most convenient for you and your vegetables!

We are located at 1196 West Petpeswick Rd in Musquodoboit Harbour; if you'd like to drop them off, please send us an email so we can arrange a time for the drop off! Given how busy of a catering season we are able to enter, my team and I are often away from our Food Intuition headquarters, so please contact us at and a member of my team will be happy to serve you.

Alternatively, you can contact us at for a pick-up to be arranged! I am often driving across the HRM, so wherever you are, I will be sure to be there!

Thanks you so much for your attention and help,

Join the Seed2Soup challenge to support more food gardens across the Eastern Shore!


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