Improve Focus: Feed your Brain

Do you find yourself nodding at your desk mid afternoon? Do you have to work hard to stay focused on the task at hand? One thing you can count on is a list of foods that improve focus, concentration and that eliminates the dreaded brain fog.

Diet talk is a slippery slope. At Food Intuition we prefer science-based nutrition which has identified a list of nutrient packed whole foods to feed your brain. Our brains need a constant supply of glucose to fuel them and assist with working memory. They also need healthy neurotransmitters to prevent confusion and optimize concentration.

Dark leafy greens like spinach, kale and sprouts make our neurotransmitters zing! That's why we load our sandwiches and chef classic salads with greens. Other omega rich foods like walnuts and pumpkin seeds are ideal as salad toppers or as the star in our energy bite treats. These seeds combined with dark chocolate are not only delicious but have a proven anti-oxidant effect.

Smoothies are another excellent way to hydrate, increase fiber and get an added dose of healthy fats. Try adding blueberries, avocados, greens and nuts in an almond milk base.

Don't forget the protein, like salmon. Our "Almond Crusted Maple Orange Salmon" tips the scale into the sublime, a favourite with our customers.

Stay hydrated by drinking water, moderate amounts of coffee or green tea - especially Matcha.

Go ahead and chase that coffee with a square or two of dark chocolate. You won't have any more afternoon slumps when your brain is tuned up with nutrient dense whole foods.

Feed your brain with whole foods to improve focus!

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