Updated: Oct 4, 2018

We can’t express enough how important it is for Food Intuition’s vision and mission on theory of the farm to table. Food Intuition prides on picking up locally sourced ingredients, which includes fresh produce and fresh meats and incorporating them as the main source of our corporate and private catering meals! We believe on the importance of building rapport with our suppliers so that they provide us with their freshest and best quality ingredients as much as possible. In Nova Scotia, we pride on giving back to our community, constantly, so by supporting local farmers as opposed to making purchases at large-chained retail grocers helps us feel good by giving back!

We recently came across this video presented by Hellmann’s, where they outline eating real, and eating local. This short film explains what's happening to Canada's local food system and why we should all care and understand where your food comes from.

Our theory is simple, we travel to our suppliers, sometimes as far as Kentville, NS, to Cogmagun Farms; or as close as, The Halifax Seaport Market, to pick and choose, the freshest ingredients as much as possible! We then take it back to our Food Intuition Kitchen and work our magic! We cook the produce based upon freshness and incorporate it into our food as much as we can! Once the pre-made meals are complete to our satisfaction, we deliver it to your desired location (pickup spot or directly to your door step) in Food Intuition cooler bags. Once our customers are finished with our meals, we kindly ask for the containers to be recycled, and cooler bags to be returned to your nearest pickup location!

That’s how simple our food chain process works at Food Intuition! We hope you continue to support us along our journey, because when you support us, you’re supporting our local farmers, and ultimately, our entire planet!

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