Our Food Philosophy

   At Food Intuition our vision is simple, make meals from real food. It is our passion to create wholesome nutritious meals that are packed with flavour and diversity. We enjoy getting to know our local farmers, fishermen, butchers, and businesses in Nova Scotia and learning how they grow, harvest and process their product. It is a key priority to support as many as possible. 
   We will always source the best ingredients to ensure that you are getting the best. Inspired by what is available locally, our menus change to showcase the best this province has to offer. They are created with a combination from a passion for local whole foods and high quality cuisine from scratch.

Locally Sourced  | Mindfully Prepared

Meet Chef Kim 

Since I can remember I have always found myself with soil between my fingers. Having grown up on a farm my appreciation for people growing their own food and learning the process it entails started at an early age. I spent a lot of time with my mum in the garden and market learning simple senses to understand food and how to pick out the best.

From studying culinary arts in Niagara, Ontario and making my way through different styles of restaurants across Canada, I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Although the idea and passion for sourcing local food started for me in the kitchen, it was CSNN that reintroduced whole foods to me in a whole other light. Beginning to understand what words like organic, spray-free, minimally processed, and other common words really meant and the benefits of it all really sparked a stronger passion for me to get back to the roots of our food. This included getting to know more farmers, and getting back in the garden.

"My goal is to create a better connection and stronger understanding of our food both for our bodies and cooking in the kitchen."


Combining the taste of pure fresh food and tastefully presenting it to our clients showcases the fruits of every farmers labour. Many of my  restaurant jobs required farmers to bring their morning harvest right to the kitchen where we would decide what our featured dishes would be that night. 

 My goal is to be able to create a better connection and stronger understanding of our food both for our bodies and cooking in the kitchen. To help us become aware of the benefits that come with a balanced whole foods diet and living a healthy active lifestyle. Through this website I want to provide the services of a chef catering premium food from scratch, while creating opportunities to educate and connecting around the topic of food!

Sourcing our ingredients from local farmers is our mandate.

Getway Farms Butcher

Grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork


Sustainably sourced seafood

Fox Hill

Artisan fresh and semi-soft cheeses

Abundant Acres

Organic fruits and vegetables

Elmridge Farm

Spray-free produce and jarred goods

Tap Roots Farm 

Organic produce

Cogmaguns Farm

Free-range chicken and turkey


Spices and imported goods


“If it isn't grown out of our garden, it is sourced from a local farmer right here in Nova Scotia.”​


— Kim MacPherson, Owner/Chef of Food Intuition